You Want Luxury Car Rental in Dubai?

You Want Luxury Car Rental in Dubai?

You’re in the right place!

Since the day we created MTN Limousine, we’ve been offering the best Luxury car rental services in Dubai to ensure our customer’s safety, happiness, and satisfaction.

To do this, we always make sure to get the new-model luxury cars.

Our cars meet all safety standards, and can satisfy any taste.

Let’s take a moment and list the cars you can find in MTN Limousine:

Mercedes Benz

For Mercedes lovers, we have more than one option!

That include: Black S560 4Matic, Black G63 Edition One, and White G63 Edition One!

You can pick the one you prefer and enjoy its luxury and performance.

Range Rover

The great, large, luxury , and four-wheel drive that can be sports! It’s available now in MTN Limousine in white vogue color 2019!

Cadillac Escalade

Another luxury and practical car for our customers! The ones available are: White Escalade Platinum 2021, and Black Escalade Platinum.

Rolls Royce

Here comes one of the most luxurious cars on earth!, The impression Rolls Royce gives is unbelievable. MTN Limousine has : Rolls Royce Black Cullinan 2019, and Rolls Royce Black DAWN 2019 for you to rent. 

Ferrari, and Lamborghini

For those who like Luxury, sport cars, MTN Limousine has great options for you, such as:

Ferrari Red 488 Spider, Lamborghini Dark Blue EVO Spyder 2020, and Lamborghini Yellow URUS 2020!


A modern, Luxury, and impressive car! MTN Limousine has the BMW X7 M50i for you to rent.

You see?…At MTN Limousine, we have a plenty of choices for you!
All you need is to pick the car of your dreams to rent, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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