Taxi vs renting a car

Taxi vs renting a car:

Flag Down a Taxi OR Rent a Car in Dubai?

“Just call a Taxi !”
It’s the new go-to solution for many people.
People might ask, “Is Taxis cheaper than renting a car?”
But NO, the cost isn’t the only factor to weigh in.
Let’s understand the pros and cons of Taxis and renting a car in Dubai:
1)  Cost:
One of the determining factors for weighing your cost savings when you use a taxi or rent a car is considering the length of your stay.
If you’re traveling for a full week, month, or more, renting a car is the cheapest option!
On the other hand, taxis rates are calculated by your mileage, so if you just need a quick lift over a short distance, it’s may be a cost-efficient option.
2)  Safety:
Do you feel safe when you use public transport, a taxi or when you rent a car?
Safety when you rent a car isn’t the issue, but it’s something you should consider when using transportation.
Public transport like buses, trains, and taxis are often packed with people and some travelers hesitate to grab a taxi for fear of their safety.
You won’t need to worry about your safety when you rent a car from crystal car, as we meet all of the safety standards!
3)  Availability:
This depends on your destination!
You can’t find public transport systems anywhere.
On the other hand, when you rent a car, you can travel to your destination around the city with no worries.
What would you choose now?
All you need is to study the options, compare the pros and cons, and make your decision!

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