Long Term Car Rental Vs Buying

Long Term Car Rental Vs Buying, What Would You Choose?

Buying a car is not cheap.
There is the cost of the car itself, monthly payments, insurance, parking, and repairs.
After this, you may start thinking whether long-term car rental is a better choice.
At MTN Limousine, we decided to help you choose what meets your needs!

Let’s compare the options!

Buying a car Pros:

• The car is yours.

• You may customize the car (if you want).

• Your money is invested in owning the car.

• You can sell the car if you want to upgrade.

• There are no monthly mileage limits.

Buying a car Cons:

• Monthly payments are higher than car rental.

• The car may depreciate in value.

• You are responsible for all repair costs.

What about Car Rental?

Car Rental Pros:

• The monthly cost is lower than a traditional auto loan payment.

•  You are not responsible for repairs needed.

•  Renting a luxury car is cheaper than buying it!

•  You won’t need to sell the car when you want to upgrade (Just rent another one).

Car Rental Cons:

 • There are monthly or yearly mileage limits.

• It is hard to get out of a lease contract early.

• You can’t make money with the sale of the car at the end of your lease or rental contract like when you own it.

Both options have plusses and minuses, but the decision comes down to your own budget and how much you’ll use thecar!
At MTN Limousine, we have the best luxury cars for long term car rental in Dubai!

All you need is to contact us, tell us about the features you prefer, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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