Can I Rent a Car in Dubai for a Driving Test?

Can I Rent a Car in Dubai for a Driving Test?

You’re ready to take your driving test: congratulations! But there are still some challenges, especially if you don’t have a car to take your test.

What to do? And where to Rent a car?

At MTN Limousine, we’ll give you a hand, Just keep reading…
Where to get a car for your driver’s test?

Borrow a Car for Your Driving Test:

You may have a friend or a family member who has a car and would lend it to you for your driving test. This choice is very common if you’re a teenager, as it’s safe !

Rent a Car from a Driver Training School:

If you’ve been taking driving lessons from a certified driving school, they may rent a car for driving tests and even bring the car to the DMV for you. This choice is also safe, available, and the rented cars will meet all the requirements for the driving test.

Rent a Car from a Rental Company:

This option is a challenge!

Especially if you’re a young driver with a permit, and no license.

Most rental agencies won’t rent a car to someone with no license.

They may also have an age limit, ask for a credit card, and an insurance to rent a car.

In summary, It’s better to borrow or rent a car from your driving school to get your driving test.

After you have your license, you can rent the luxury car you want from MTN Limousine!

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