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Taxi vs renting a car

Taxi vs renting a car: Flag Down a Taxi OR Rent a Car in Dubai? “Just call a Taxi !”It’s the new go-to solution for many people.People might ask, “Is Taxis cheaper than renting a car?”But NO, the cost isn’t the only factor to weigh in.Let’s understand the pros and cons of Taxis and renting a car in Dubai:1)  Cost:One of the determining factors for weighing your cost savings when you use a taxi or rent a car is considering the length of your …
31Oct, 21

Things to know when you rent a car in Dubai

Things to Know When You Rent a Car in Dubai There may come a time when you need to rent a car in Dubai, to use it in your vacation or when your car is in the workshop.Whatever the situation, it’s important to understand everything when renting a car to avoid the hidden fees that rental agencies may charge. Here are MTN Limousine Tips: Review the Car Insurance Policy Before you accept the insurance offered by the car rental agency, check with your agent …
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